About This Site

This site is intended to serve as a forum and platform for open debate and discussion revolving around the economy, business, and politics in the United States and in the world.  Leave your agendas and party lines at the door, leave your bleeding hearts behind, but bring your logic, bring your intelligence.  Bring your points and counterpoints, bring your reasons, bring all of that and let's figure out what's wrong with this country, and brainstorm some ways to fix it.

Along the way we'll examine daily topics both international and domestic-but all affecting us.  Whether it's the valuation of the Chinese yuan, trade agreements with Central American countries, labor unions, or domestic policy I hope we cover it all here.  I really look forward to some good debate in the commentary of each daily piece.

A quick note about the commentary however, I will moderate it.  Don't degenerate this into personal insults, name-calling, or general mud-slinging or any sort.  That's not what this site is for, if you want sites like that go elsewhere, they're everywhere.  What this site is for, is for intelligent debate and brain-storming regardless of party affiliations, political ideals, skin color, race, or age.  While I understand the occasional curse as a means to drive a point home, or place emphasis upon a point, should I see any of what I've described above, or an excess of curse words I'll quickly delete those comments.  Basically, try to handle yourself with some class.  Act intelligently and you'll be treated as such.  Act ignorantly and you'll be treated accordingly as well.

Enjoy everyone, I look forward to some heated, intelligent, and productive debates.