Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First and foremost, I’d like to welcome you to my new blog.  I thought I’d take the first post’s space to introduce myself to you.

For years I’ve sat on the sideline of economic debate as well as political discussion. While I’ve spent years studying and analyzing business and economic theory, I find political debate to be nearly pointless and thus boring and a waste of time.  I really only pay attention during presidential runs, during which I’ll debate the issues-but not really the candidates-although I may support one candidate more than others.  What I mean is, I’ll align myself with a candidate based upon their stances on the issues, not based upon ridiculous arguments regarding their birth certificates, or concerns about their religions, races, or gender.

My specialty is in manufacturing accounting, cost accounting specifically.  Along the way to where I’m at today I’ve spent years working with small businesses, seeing how the economy effects them, seeing the consequences real people suffer due to the economy.  That time has helped me to understand the problems people at all levels of income and small businesses are experiencing and trying to solve.  I’ve worked hand in hand with small business owners trying to save their businesses from destruction by the economy, watching many wilt in front of my eyes, helpless to do anything to stop them from their inevitable demise.

I’ve developed some interesting views, some original theories, things I think should be discussed and considered, thoughts I wish I had the proper platform to share with the right people.  I hope this can develop into some sort of platform to do just that.  A sounding board even, where we can all freely debate economic and political topics and positions.

I’ve spent a great deal of time in my life analyzing and covering sports, all the transactions, the stats, watching the games, etc.  I’ve done this professionally for several years on the side of working with small businesses, mostly for my interest in analysis, my interest in breaking things down.  I plan on channeling all of that energy, effort, and focus into the political and economical scene from hereon out.  I hope that energy coupled with my unique experiences in life can provoke interesting, thought provoking, and intelligent discussion and debate throughout this blog.

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